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Spring Fling for Siege III

May 19- 21, 2017
Shire of Border Vale Keep

A whole SCA event weekend dedicated to the training and play in the arts of Siege Engines and Combat Archery. This year we add melee training into the mix. We invite the SCA Heavy Fighters to come out for a fun time with a special tournament with shield as a prize for the winner as a thank you. Attend the Siege Engineers and/or Combat Archery Classes are on Saturday morning then get authorized and play and train in Siege Engines, Combat Archery and Melee the rest of the weekend.

Martial Activities: Siege and Combat Archery activities start Friday night. We will have a tournament on Saturday with a shield for a prize for the winner of this heavy fighting tourney. Siege Engineering Training, Combat Archery Training

Arts & Sciences Activities: Bring anything related to Siege and Combat Archery and show off. Let us try out your ideas on the field. Will it really fly? We will find out.

        Adult, Event Registration:  $15.00 Day-Trip  $15.00 Feast $0.00 Camping
        Adult, Member Discount:       $10.00 Day-Trip  $15.00 Feast $0.00 Camping
        Youth (5-17):      $5.00 Day-Trip  $15.00 Feast $0.00 Camping
        Child (0-4):     $0.00 Day-Trip  $0.00 Feast $0.00 Camping

Make Checks Payable To: SCA, Inc., Shire of Border Vale Keep

Cost Notes: No fee for bunk house space or camping. Preregistering will hold a space for you.

Site: Richmond County 4-H Camp, 1538 4-H Club Road, Augusta, GA 30906. Site opens Friday 5PM, closes Sunday 11AM

Site Restrictions:  Absolutely no alcohol, no firearms, no pets. Smoking in designated areas only, and the pool is off limits.

Feast Information: By Request we will continue the outdoor grilling of hand cut ribeye steaks to order with a baked potato bar. Prepaid feast reservations are required. Anyone with food restrictions please contact the reservationist.

Merchanting Information: We have the Archers' Rune, Medieval Crossbowman's Outfitters and The Silk Lady as our merchants this year. Any other siege and combat archery and heavy fighting related merchants are welcome to contact the autocrat directly.

Other Information: All SCA participants wanting to get authorized at this event need to contact the marshal from your kingdom for the requirements for your activity before you arrive at this event. Atlantian Staff: Siege Marshal is Mesterono Rozsa at rozsa[AT]ebonwoulfe.com. Combat Archery Marshal is Lord Cameron deGrey at camerondegrey[AT]gmail.com. Meridies Staff: Siege Marshal is Snorri Smedsonn at brigidsforge[AT]yahoo.com. Combat Archery Marshal is Lord Brun Canutesson at bfountain[AT]senqciamaxco.com.

Autocrat's Information: Baroness Aldis Svansdottir (Stacey Berg), P.O. Box 3885, Augusta, GA 30914, Phone: (706) 951-2437, E-mail: baronessaldis[AT]gmail.com

Reservations: Baron Olaf Starkadsson (Anton Berg), P.O. Box 3885, Augusta, GA 30914, Phone: (706) 951-2454, E-mail: lord_ole[AT]bellsouth.net


There is road construction on Hwy 56, the directions provided will help to avoid delays. Take your best route to I-20 to Augusta. From GA and points South and West take exit 196A for I 520E/Bobby Jones Expwy.***Take exit 10 onto Doug Barnard Pkwy, turn right and follow toward Bush Field Airport. Go past the airport and then turn right onto 4-H Club Road. Cross over the railroad tracks and follow approximately .6 miles and turn left into the camp. Signs will be posted. From South Carolina and points North and East take exit 6 (in SC) for I-520W toward North Augusta. Continue from *** above.
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