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Academy of St. Clare of Assisi: Keeping You in Stitches!

March 29- 31, 2019
of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais

Site: Boy Scout Camp Karoondinha. 225 Thomas Dam Road, Millmont, PA 17845

Site Restrictions: No pets.

Martial Activities: No marshal activities planned

Autocrat: Mistress Alicia Langland (Della Hutchison). 1194 Marshall St., MILTON, PA 17847. Phone: (570) 7424567. Email: hutchnsn AT bucknell.edu

Calendar of Events

Upcoming Events

(Next 8 weeks)

November 2018

16-18 Feast of St. Dismas
17 Holiday Faire (R)
17 Buckston Birthday Bash (H)

December 2018

1 Unevent (R, H)
7-9 Yule Toy Tourney XIII (R, H)
8 Highland Foorde Holiday Party
15 Midwinter Martial Symposium (H)
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