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Please do not call any of the following individuals after 10pm Eastern Time unless otherwise noted in their information.

Queenking shaded 100
Their Royal Majesties

Christoph Krieger and Adelhait Fuchs
Phone: 919-675-7370
Email: king AT atlantia.sca.org and queen AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: Information about Their Royal Majesties

Their Royal Highnesses

To be decided at Crown Tournament and To be decided at Crown Tournament
Email: prince AT atlantia.sca.org and princess AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: Information about Their Royal Highnesses
Great Officers of State

Kingdom Seneschal (05/20)

Master Vladimir Vladimirovich Vladimirov (Walt Assur)
Phone: (410) 867-2313 (10 PM)
Email: seneschal AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://seneschal.atlantia.sca.org
Emergency Deputy (07/19)
Master Jean Claude de Calais (Jim Cunningham)
88 Colombia Dr, Newport News, VA 23608
Phone: (757) 968-5303 (10 PM)
Email: emergseneschal AT atlantia.sca.org
Kingdom Calendar Deputy (11/-1)
Lord Melchior zum grauen Wolf (ACTING - POSITION VACANT) (Kevin Baun)
Email: webminister AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://acorn.atlantia.sca.org/calendar.php
Media Relations Deputy (03/18)
Master Geoffrey ap Clywd (Jeff Williams)
Phone: 202-437-8960 (9 PM)
Email: media AT atlantia.sca.org
Regional Deputy - MD and DC (06/20)
Baroness Avice Claremond
Phone: (240) 463 4689 (9 PM)
Email: depsenmd AT atlantia.sca.org
Regional Deputy - NC (09/19)
Master Andreas de Caunteton
Email: depsennc AT atlantia.sca.org
Regional Deputy -SC and GA (06/19)
Lady Rayhana bint Yusuf (Lea Alonso)
Phone: 407-902-5400
Email: depsenscga AT atlantia.sca.org
Regional Deputy - VA (06/19)
Lady Adriana Michaels (Kelly Keck)
Phone: 301-576-0561
Email: depsenva AT atlantia.sca.org
Clerk of Law (09/19)
Mistress Alesia Gillefalyn
Email: redtape AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://law.atlantia.sca.org
Kingdom Event Bids Coordinator (07/20)
Mistress Graciela de Esperanza
Phone: 301-213-4244
Email: kingdomevents AT atlantia.sca.org
Waiver Secretary (06/20)
Baroness Aine ingen Chuimin (Beth McAllister)
Phone: 404-931-7252
Email: waivers AT atlantia.sca.org
New Branch Deputy
Contact your Regional Seneschal for New Branch information
Chancellor of Family and Youth Programs (01/19)
Lady Jacintha of Highland Foorde
Email: youth AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://atlantia.sca.org/offices/seneschal/youths/welcome
Special Projects Deputy (06/19)
Duchess Simone de Barjavel (Sarah Toich)
Phone: 410-290-3961
Email: depsensp AT atlantia.sca.org

Triton Principal Herald (01/21)

Master Eldred AElfwald (J.T. Thorpe)
P.O.Box 25098, Greenville, SC 29616
Phone: 828-515-4544
Email: triton AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://herald.atlantia.sca.org
Nereid Herald - Emergency Deputy
Golden Dolphin Herald - Submissions (10/17)
Lady Beatrice Shirwod
Email: gdherald AT atlantia.sca.org
Clerk of Precedence - OP (06/16)
Mistress Ealdthryth of Humberstone
Email: op AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://op.atlantia.sca.org
Clerk Signet - Scrolls (11/16)
Lady Aemilia Rosa (Amy Nardone)
2742 Overlook Court, Manchester, MD 21102
Phone: 443-466-6013 (10 PM)
Email: signet AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://scribe.atlantia.sca.org

Kingdom Earl Marshal (08/21)

Duke Vladimir Ivanovich Aleksandrov
14625 Baltimore Ave., #431, Laurel, MD 20707
Phone: (301) 741-2601
Email: earlmarshal AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://marshal.atlantia.sca.org
Emergency Deputy
Duke Anton Tremayne
Email: dem-emergency AT atlantia.sca.org
Deputy Earl Marshal for Training
Mistress Caitilin Inghean Fheichin
Email: dem-training AT atlantia.sca.org
Deputy Earl Marshal for Armored Combat
Sir Joscelin d'Outremer
Email: dem-armored AT atlantia.sca.org
Deputy Earl Marshal for Rapier
Master Brian de Moray (Brian Caswell )
Email: dem-rapier AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://rapier.atlantia.sca.org
Deputy Earl Marshal for Target Archery
Lord Seamus McRay (Jamie Frailey)
415 Dumbarton Road, Towson, MD 21212
Phone: 443-834-8141
Email: dem-target-archery AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://archery.atlantia.sca.org
Deputy Earl Marshal for Combat Archery
Lord Aeddan Ivor
Phone: (540) 431-9492
Email: dem-combat-archery AT atlantia.sca.org
Deputy Earl Marshal for Thrown Weapons
Baroness Dealla Cohen
Phone: (410) 519-4493
Email: dem-thrown-weapons AT atlantia.sca.org
Deputy Earl Marshal for Siege Weapons
Lord Matthew of Summerdale
Email: dem-siege AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://siege.atlantia.sca.org
Deputy Earl Marshal of the Horse (05/19)
Lady Alienor de Bathe (Liz Beazley)
Email: dem-equestrian AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://cavalry.atlantia.sca.org
Deputy Earl Marshal for Hounds
Deputy Earl Marshal for Youth Armored Combat
Lady Helena de Berkeley
Email: dem-youth-armored AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://yc.atlantia.sca.org

Kingdom Minister of the Lists (02/21)

Lady Sara Van Eerde (Jennifer Hofstee)
43 Holly Berry Road , Fredericksburg, VA 22406
Phone: 1 (540) 737-824
Email: kmol AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://kmol.atlantia.sca.org
Emergency Deputy (09/12)
Mistress Ceridwen ferch Owain (Linda G. McLaughlin)
Phone: (301) 274-4171
Email: theceridwen AT gmail.com
Training Deputy
Lady Damiana Morena (Danielle Willgruber)
Email: danielle.willgruber AT gmail.com
Regional Deputy - MD and DC
Baroness Lore Bubeck (Laurie Foster)
Phone: (410) 326-5390
Email: lauriebubeck AT yahoo.com
Regional Deputy - NC
Lady Adeliza of Bristol (Anna-Maria Smith)
Phone: (828)667-4464
Email: adelizaofbristol AT ATT.net
Regional Deputy - SC and GA
Lady Qulan Chaghan (Candace Smith)
Phone: 843-270-4242 (NLT 10pm)
Email: Syberseer AT yahoo.com
Regional Deputy - VA

Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer (05/20)

Lady Jdeke von Kolberg (Robin A. Leguillow)
305 Oakwood Drive, Lexington, NC 27292
Email: exchequer AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://exchequer.atlantia.sca.org
Emergency Deputy (05/18)
Mistress Helena de Flores (Kathy Gildemeister)
Email: emergency-exchequer AT atlantia.sca.org
MD Regional
Mistress Alana Urquhart (Victoria Howell)
Email: depexchmd AT atlantia.sca.org
Eastern NC Regional (05/20)
THL Jdeke von Kolberg
Email: depexchenc AT atlantia.sca.org
Western NC Regional (10/17)
THL Adair of Makyswell
Email: depexchwnc AT atlantia.sca.org
Southern Regional (SC,GA) (01/18)
Mistress Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane
Email: depexchscga AT atlantia.sca.org
VA Regional (04/18)
Lady Fjorleif in Rauda (Debbie deTreville)
10509 Delray Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060
Email: depexchva AT atlantia.sca.org
Deputy for Non-Member Registration
Lady Brynhilder Grimkellsdottir (Dawn Fuller)
111 Sylvan AVe, Millersville, MD 21108
Email: nms AT atlantia.sca.org
Chamberlain (06/19)
THL Yenyega Velasconi de Santurce
Email: chamberlain AT atlantia.sca.org
PayPal Deputy (10/18)
Baroness Gwenllian ferch Gwilim
Email: paypal AT atlantia.sca.org

Kingdom Chronicler (12/17)

Freiherrin Adina von der Heide (L. Cicirelli)
Phone: (571) 249-1250
Email: chronicler AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://chronicler.atlantia.sca.org
Emergency Deputy
Baroness Asta Knarrarbringa (Kari Blackwell)
Email: emergency-chronicler AT atlantia.sca.org
Release Deputy
Lady Rhiannon Morgaine
Phone: (757) 292-9085
Email: releasedeputy AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Deputy
Lady Rhiannon Morgaine
Phone: (757) 292-9085
Email: chroniclerdepweb AT atlantia.sca.org
Atlantian Historian (10/17)
Lord Otto von Schwyz (Tim White)
Phone: 980-254-6310
Email: historian AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://history.atlantia.sca.org

Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences (04/18)

Lady Marion le Red (Marion Campbell)
Email: kmoas AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://moas.atlantia.sca.org
Emergency Deputy (01/21)
Master James of Middle Aston (James C. Wagner Jr)
106 Rex Place, Louisburg, NC 27549
Phone: (919) 496-7713
Email: dmoas-emergency AT atlantia.sca.org
Southern Regional Deputy (12/19)
Baroness Ingegerd Kastanrazi
Email: dmoas-south AT atlantia.sca.org
Northern Regional Deputy (01/20)
Lady Yseabeau Gwalchafed (Julia Sparks)
Email: dmoas-north AT atlantia.sca.org
Competitions Deputy (01/21)
Lady Marris Ghijis (Carrie Hulsing)
Email: dmoas-tempore AT atlantia.sca.org
University Chancellor (01/21)
Dame Adriana le Bretonne (Andrea Callicutt)
3221 Brennan Dr, Raleigh, NC 10pm
Phone: 919.844.4423
Email: university AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://university.atlantia.sca.org

Kingdom Web Minister (09/21)

Lord Melchior zum grauen Wolf (Kevin Baun)
Email: webminister AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://web.atlantia.sca.org
Web Emergency Deputy (11/20)
Master Christopher MacConing (Christopher Cunning)
Email: depwebemergency AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Special Projects Deputy (11/20)
Baron Jonathas Reinisch (James Kriebel)
Phone: (240) 682-9803 (9pm)
Email: depwebprojects AT atlantia.sca.org
Deputy Web Minister for Policy Compliance
Deputy Web Design

Kingdom Chatelain (09/20)

Dame Emma West (Dawn Hutchings)
Phone: (301) 943-2469
Email: chatelain AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://chatelain.atlantia.sca.org
Emergency Deputy
Lady Margaret Lad
Phone: (941) 993-4977
Email: emergency-chatelain AT atlantia.sca.org
Northern Regional Deputy Chatelain
Lady Margaret Lad
Phone: (941) 993-4977
Email: northernchatelain AT atlantia.sca.org
Southern Regional
Mistress Hrefna in Rauda Thorgrimsdoittr
Phone: (252) 342-6068
Email: southernchatelain AT atlantia.sca.org
Training and Education Deputy
Mistress Kisaiya Zingara (Dawn Davis)
Phone: (336) 252-9860
Email: training-chatelain AT atlantia.sca.org
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