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2.1 Duties and Powers of the Crown 

In addition to the duties and powers set forth in Corpora IV C – G, the Crown shall: 

  • Consult with the populace of the Kingdom, the Their landed Barons and Baronesses, Their Great Officers of State and Their Officers of State, on matters which the Crown deems necessary. 
  • Ensure the succession of the Crown 
  • Ensure the Continuity of Reigns 
  • Enact, change and repeal laws after consultation with the Curia 
  • Negotiate and enact treaties with other Kingdoms 
  • Maintain a list of all awards given and within fourteen days (14) of the end of the reign, verify the list with the Clerk of Precedence.
  • Ensure the proper transfer of Royal Records
  • Remain a resident of the Kingdom of Atlantia throughout the completion of their reign. 
  • Accept custody of royal regalia and property placed in their care by the Kingdom Chamberlain by signed receipt of a completed inventory. If the Kingdom Chamberlain is not present the incoming and outgoing Crowns shall execute a face-to-face transfer of such that they have accompanied by a hand written receipt. Copies of the receipt must be sent to the Kingdom Chamberlain and the Kingdom Exchequer no later than one week after the transfer. 
  • Maintain any regalia entrusted to the Crown. Notify the Kingdom Chamberlain immediately if regalia is lost and/or damaged in any way.

2.2 Ensuring the Succession of the Crown  In accordance with Corpora IV C 2, the Crown shall hold a Crown Tournament to choose their successors. 

  • Crown Tournament shall be a double elimination tournament. 
  • Once the Crown Tournament list is drawn and set into the list tree, the Crown, the Marshal In Charge of Crown Tournament and the Minister of the List in charge of Crown Tournament shall sign off on the list. Once the list is signed, no changes may be made to it unless all of the above listed signatories agree to and sign off on the changes.
  • The victor of the Crown Lists and his or her consort shall together assume the position of successors to the Crown and the titles of Crown Prince and Crown Princess as appropriate to their gender.  

2.2.1 Eligibility for Crown Tournament  In addition to the requirements set forth in Corpora IVA2 & IVB, all combatants and their consorts in the Crown Tournament must: 

  • Be presented to and acceptable to the Crown 
  • Be willing and able to fulfill the duties of the Crown 
  • Intend to make an honorable attempt to compete for the Crown 
  • Be subjects of the Kingdom of Atlantia 
  • Have resided in Atlantia for at least one year immediately prior to the Crown Tourney 
  • Submit a Letter of Intent to fight in Crown Tourney to the Crown by the due date set. The Letter of Intent shall include all required information*
  • Have arms registered with the College of Heralds or present proof of heraldic submission through a warranted herald prior to Crown Tournament*  

* These requirements may be waived at the discretion of the Crown.  
2.2.2 Crown Letter of Intent Requirements  A combatant and their consort’s Letter(s) of Intent must contain:  

  • Their modern and SCA names along with their address(es), email address(es) and phone number(s)
  • Membership information (membership numbers and expiration dates)
  • Any additional information requested by the Crown  

2.2.3 Withdrawal from and Victory in Crown Tournament  Either the combatant or their consort may withdraw at any point in the tournament, without loss of honor, by notifying the Crown or the Minister of the Crown Lists.  If either the combatant or their consort choose to withdraw during the tournament, they are both eliminated.  
2.2.4 Exclusion of Other Offices and Appointments for the Crown  The victor of the Crown Lists and their consort shall vacate any other offices or appointments held at the time of assumption of the titles of King or Queen.  The Crown Prince and Princess may use the time between Crown Tourney and Coronation to divest themselves of any other office or appointment  
2.3 Ensuring the Continuity of Reigns  
2.3.1 In the case that either the Crown Prince or the Crown Princess is unable to assume the throne, the remaining Heir shall assume the duties of both through their Coronation and until the Coronation of their successors.  
2.3.2 In the case that neither the Crown Prince nor the Crown Princess is able to assume the throne, a new Crown Tournament shall be held at the first possible event to ensure the succession.  
2.3.3 In the case of the inability of either the Sovereign or the Consort to complete the reign, the remaining Monarch shall assume the duties of both until the Coronation of Their successors.  
2.3.4 In the case that neither the Sovereign nor Consort is able to complete the reign: 

  • If the Heirs have been chosen, They shall be crowned at the first possible event. 
  • If the Heirs have not yet been chosen: 
  • The Kingdom Seneschal shall ensure that a Crown Tournament is held at the first possible event.
  • The victors shall be invested as Sovereign and Consort immediately upon the conclusion of the Tournament.  
    In the interim between the abdication of the Monarchs and the crowning of the new Monarchs, the Kingdom Seneschal’s duties and powers shall include:
  • Holding in trust the regalia and records of the monarchy for the future Crown.  • Conducting such correspondence in the name of the Crown as is deemed necessary for the function of the Kingdom and to ensure continuity for the future Crown.  

2.4 Enacting, Changing, and Repealing Law  
2.4.1 The Crowns shall enact, or repeal Kingdom Law only after consultation with Curia Regis.  
2.4.2 The Crown may change law without consulting Curia Regis to fix grammatical mistakes, numbering errors, duplication, and style inconsistencies that do not change the content and intent of the law.  
2.4.3 The Crown’s word is law, in accordance with Corpora I A, where modern law, Corpora, Society policy and Kingdom law are silent.  
2.5 Treaty Specifications  The Kingdom of Atlantian may take part in treaties with other Kingdoms of the SCA, Inc.

  • Treaties shall be negotiated by the Crown or their designated representatives. 
  • Treaties shall be ratified by being presented to Curia Regis, agreed to by the Crown Prince and Princess, and published as a newsletter supplement. A treaty cannot be ratified until the Crown Prince and Princess have been chosen. 
  • Treaties shall be changed by the same process as ratification.
  • All treaties in effect for the Kingdom of Atlantia shall be published in the Atlantian Great Book of Law.  

2.6 Royal Records  
2.6.1 Royal Records are defined as: 

  • All correspondence concerning sanctions, complaints, or investigations in progress, including emails, notes, letters, and all other records relating to these. 
  • Pending correspondence in relation to treaties or charters.
  • Pending official correspondence from any Society Officer.  

2.6.2 Baronial pollings and Pollings of Confidence must be destroyed at the completion of the Reign who conducted the Polling and invested the new Baronage.  
2.6.3 Transfer of Royal Records  
The outgoing Crowns must transfer all Royal Records to Their Successors no later than fourteen (14) days after Coronation. 

  • All Treaties and related correspondence shall also be transferred to the Kingdom Seneschal within fourteen (14) days of Coronation. 
  • Copies of all correspondence concerning sanctions, complaints, or investigations in progress, including emails, notes, and records, must also be transferred to the Kingdom Seneschal no later than fourteen (14) days after Coronation.
  • Copies of any pending official correspondence from any Society Officer must also be transferred to the Kingdom Seneschal no later than fourteen (14) days after Coronation.  

2.6.4 Access to Royal Records 

  • The Heirs shall be granted access to the Award Recommendation System, the Electronic System for Pollings (ESP), and access to all Order Watch Lists no more than thirty (30) days after winning the Crown Tournament. 
  • The Heirs shall be granted access to begin conducting Their own Pollings within the ESP no less than thirty (30) days prior to Their Coronation. 
  • The Heirs shall be granted access to the Court Docket site no less than thirty (30) days prior to Their Coronation 
  • The current Monarchs will have precedence for any conflicts between the Heirs Court Docket and Their own. 
  • The Heirs shall be granted access to read all existing pollings within the ESP no less than thirty (30) days prior to Coronation.
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