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Curia Regis is hereby defined as an assembly called by the Crown in order to consult with on the administration and governance of the Kingdom. 

  • An Emergency Curia Regis is defined as an assembly called by the Crown in order to consult and receive advice on the administration and governance of the Kingdom for the limited purpose of resolving conflicts between modern law, Corpora, Society Policy, and/or some other Society directive and Kingdom Law. No other business may be conducted at an Emergency Curia.

3.1 Members of Curia Regis

The members of Curia Regis are: 

  • The Crown Prince and Princess of Atlantia 
  • All Territorial Barons and Baronesses 
  • All Great Officers of State 
  • All Officers of State
  • All Branch Seneschals  

3.2 Addressing Curia Regis 

Persons attending Curia Regis may speak only after being recognized and in the order recognized by the Crown.  Written proxies from the members of Curia may be accepted by the Crown if received prior to the commencement of Curia.
3.3 Curia Regis Notification Requirements 

Notification for meetings of Curia Regis shall include: 

  • The date, time, place (event), agenda must be announced in the Kingdom Newsletter, “The Acorn” at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of Curia.
  • The agenda shall include the specific sections of kingdom law to be addressed. A blanket statement is not acceptable. Proposed wording must be provided to the Curia by the Crowns prior to the start of the Curia for any Kingdom law changes.
  • Emergency meetings of Curia Regis shall be called by an emergency mailing to the members of Curia Regis. This notification shall be sent at least ten (10) days before the date of Curia and shall include the reason for the emergency meeting. An emergency meeting shall be limited to the topic(s) listed in the letter of notification. 
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