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A branch will be granted incipient status and be listed in the Kingdom Regnum when it has submitted a satisfactory New Branch Application to the Kingdom Seneschal’s Office, and the Kingdom Seneschal has been satisfied that a legitimate attempt is being made to organize a new branch. 

• An attempt to organize a new branch within territory granted to an existing branch must be approved by any affected Seneschals.  
12.1 New Branch Membership Requirements A new branch must follow membership requirements as outlined in Corpora follow submission requirements as per Corpora III C & D and Kingdom Seneschal's policy.
12.2 Advancement of Branch Status  A branch will advance from incipient to full status, and have its officers ratified by their superiors, after filing a petition with the Kingdom Seneschal and satisfying any other requirements as specified by the Kingdom Seneschal. 

• Advancement to Barony status shall follow procedures set forth in Corpora III D.  
12.3 Branch Officer Requirements 

• Branch officers must be member of the SCA, Inc., and have access to the Atlantian newsletter. 

• To maintain full status, a Barony must maintain the set of officers required in the Society Seneschal’s Handbook Vii B 4. 

• To maintain full status, a Canton or Shire must maintain the set of officers required in Corpora III C 6. 

• Any group holding a fighting event must have a warranted Atlantian marshal as Marshal in Charge and, as necessary , appropriate marshals in each discipline for specific marshal activities.

• A warranted MOL is required for Heavy, Rapier and Equestrian event and authorization activities.
12.4 Branch Status Changes  
A branch may petition the Kingdom Seneschal and the Crown to change its status, for example from Canton to Shire. When the petitioning branch is subsidiary to another branch, the Seneschal and Baron/Baroness (if any) for that latter branch must be consulted. 

• A branch which has ceased to meet the requirements for its status may be declared extinct or be degraded to a lower status, by recommendation from the Kingdom Seneschal and the Crown to the Board of Directors. 

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