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Atlantian Council of the Exchequer:
The financial decision making body in the Kingdom of Atlantia as defined in Kingdom Financial Policy, previously known as the Kingdom Financial Committee
The King and Queen acting jointly
A small scroll that is pre-printed or has limited illumination
A symbol made of varying materials that represents an Award or Order
Membership Information:
A membership number and expiration date that will be verified by the Kingdom Seneschal.
Non-Member Surcharge – a fee charged to all non-members who attend an event. Required by the SCA, Inc.
The complete listing of the Kingdom’s Royalty, Officers, Appointments, Notables and other positions as deemed worthy by the Crown.
Royal Household appointments:
All positions in the Royal household and all ambassadorial positions are held only by virtue of the power of the Crown then reigning, and are therefore null and void at the end of the reign. Subsequent Crowns may reaffirm such appointments, as they see fit. These positions can include but aren’t limited to Kingdom Warlord, Royal Champions, Guard’s etc.
Society Event:
An event as defined in Corpora II A
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