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We, Ragnarr Thorvaldsson and Gwenllian de la Foret, Sixth Prince and Princess of Atlantia, do this day grant a Royal Charter to the University of Atlantia.

The purpose of the University shall be to spread knowledge of the crafts and sciences of the Middle Ages and the Current Middle Ages throughout our realm.

The University shall be administered by a Chancellor, who must already be a Fellow of the University. The Chancellor will serve as an Officer of State reporting to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences.

The University of Atlantia can award the following degrees:

  • A Bachelor's Degree is awarded after a student has completed twenty-six hours of classes.
  • A Fellowship in the University of Atlantia is awarded to those who have taught classes at three University sessions.
  • A Masters Degree is awarded to those who have earned their Bachelor's degree, are also Fellows of the University, have completed ten additional hours of classes as a student, and taught at two additional University Sessions.
  • Honorary Doctorates are awarded by the Chancellor at his or her discretion.
  • The University shall hold between two and four sessions in each year. To best spread the University's influence to all parts of the realm, these sessions will not be held twice in succession in the same region.

The Chancellor shall have the right to display the device of the University. All Fellows shall have the right to display the badge of the University.

Done this 12th day of April, AS XIV, Ragnarr & Gwenllian

And confirmed this 2nd day of May AS XVI at Our Coronation feast, Michael & Carissa

And amended this 1st day of October, AS XVIII at Our Coronation, Olaf & Aislinn

And amended this 18th day of August, AS XX at the Pennsic War, Richard & Anne

And amended by Anton and Luned during AS XXXIII

And amended this 24th day of September, AS XLVI, by Michael IX and Seonaid VII

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