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Please do not call any of the following individuals after 10pm Eastern Time unless otherwise noted in their information.

Arts and Sciences

A&S Champion

Lord Ihone (Ian) Munro

Royal Baker

Lady Syele Rose von Dampach

Royal Bard

Lord Richard Wynn
Email: royalbard AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://bard.atlantia.sca.org

Royal Brewer

Lady Isabele Henry

Poeta Atlantiae

Adriana Michaels
Web Site: http://poeta.atlantia.sca.org

Scrivener Royal

Wulfstan Egwald
Email: scrivener AT atlantia.sca.org
Web: http://scrivener.atlantia.sca.org/

Combat Arts

Warlord (Armored Combat)

Syr Roussell Tavernier(Rusty Pickett)
3263 Corcyra Ct., Woodbridge, VA 22192
Phone: (443)890-1069 (NLT 9:00pm)
Email: warlord AT atlantia.sca.org

Rapier Warlord

Master Caitilín Inghean Fheichín

Armored Champion


Rapier Champion


Archery Champion


Royal Archer


The Royal Bard is selected annually at Kingdom Twelfth Night (second weekend in January).
The Poeta Atlantiae is selected annually at Fall Coronation (first weekend in October).
The Royal Baker and Royal Brewer are selected annually at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival (first weekend in March).
The Scrivener Royal is selected bi-annually at Atlantian Coronation.
The Royal Archer is winner of the yearly Royal Archery Championship.

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