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May 2019
17-19Gathering of the Clans - Hawkwood Baronial Birthday XIVHawkwoodTBD and TBD
24-27Ruby Joust VIIICaer MearTBD and TBD
31-2Highland River MeleesHighland FoordeTBD and TBD
June 2019
7-9Journey Through the Nine RealmsRaven's CoveTBD and TBD
21-23Old School War PracticeMarinusTBD and TBD
29Storvik Novice and Unbelt TournamentStorvikTBD and TBD
July 2019
12-14King's AssessmentBlack DiamondTBD and TBD
26-11Pennsic WarAethelmearcTBD and TBD
August 2019
30-1100th Monthly Cross and Lily TournamentCaer MearTBD and TBD
September 2019
13-15Rip Rap War III: Guts, Gold, GloryMarinusTBD and TBD
21Stierbach Baronial Birthday CelebrationStierbachTBD and TBD
October 2019
4-6Fall CoronationStorvikTBD and TBD
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