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April 2018
6-8Spring Coronation 2018AtlantiaDietrich and Una
12-15Fools WarMeridiesDietrich and Una
20-22Queen's Rapier Championship TournamentMarinusDietrich and Una
27-29Hidden Mountain Baronial BirthdayHidden MountainUna
May 2018
4-6Spring Crown TournamentCharlesbury CrossingDietrich and Una
11-13Tourney of Chivalry at SilverleafMarinusDietrich and Una
18-20Hawkwood's Baronial Birthday: Tricksters, Tramps & ThievesHawkwoodDietrich and Una
25-28Ruby Joust VIICaer MearDietrich and Una
June 2018
1-3Insurrection - Highland River Melees 2018Highland FoordeDietrich and Una
15-17Old School War PracticeMarinusDietrich
23Storvik Novice and Unbelt TournamentStorvikDietrich and Una
23Storvik Novice and Unbelt TournamentStorvikDietrich
July 2018
6-8Kings AssessmentBlack DiamondDietrich and Una
27-12Pennsic WarAethelmearcDietrich and Una
September 2018
7-9Panem et Circenses: Sacred Stone Baronial BirthdaySacred StoneDietrich and Una
8Barony of Stierbach's 20th Baronial BirthdayStierbachDietrich and Una
21-23Battle on the BayStorvikDietrich
21-23Battle on the BayStorvikDietrich and Una
October 2018
5-7Fall Coronation 2018Sacred StoneDietrich and Una
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