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Food - Guillaume Tomas

  • His Majesty loves red meat, rare, as well as salmon.
  • His Majesty likes oranges and grapes.
  • His Majesty is fond of nuts in all his deserts.


  • His Majesty prefers cold coke zero and cold water to drink.
  • His Majesty does not partake in anything alcoholic.


  • His Majesty enjoys all things Viking and 12th century.
  • His colors are purple, black and white.
  • His Majesty’s charge is a wolf rampant.

Food - Alyna

  • Her Majesty likes salmon, shrimp, chicken and steak.
  • Her Majesty is fond of all vegetables with the exception of peas and mushrooms.
  • Her Majesty loves all things dark chocolate and any peanut butter/chocolate combo.
  • Her Majesty is allergic to the peel of apples.


  • Her Majesty prefers water and diet teas over soda.
  • Her Majesty enjoys fruity wines and meads, and willing to be a participating judge in any brewing competition.
  • Her Majesty would prefer no dry wines.


  • Her Majesty enjoys all things Viking and 12 th century.
  • Her colors are purple, black, and white.
  • Her Majesty loves eagles.
  • Her Majesty is interested in the fiber arts, especially card/inkle weaving.
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