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Food - Amos

  • His Highness loves smoked meats.
  • His Highness enjoys green vegetables and fresh fruits, especially berries.
  • His Highness is fond of berry pies and tarts.
  • His Highness has no known allergies


  • His Highness drinks water, flavored waters, Coke Zero, and Diet Dr. Pepper.


  • His Highness enjoys the 13th Century Crusades, Viking age, and 14th Century.
  • His colors are red, black, and gold.
  • His Highness also likes purple/black/white and blue/white/gold.

Food - Kara

  • Her Highness likes red meat (especially steak), chicken, and salmon.
  • Her Highness is very fond of vegetables, especially green beans and mushrooms.
  • Her Highness loves all things dark chocolate.
  • Her Highness has no known allergies.
  • Her Highness prefers no peanut butter.


  • Her Highness drinks water, diet teas, and Diet Dr. Pepper.
  • Her Highness enjoys fruity wines and mead, as well as whiskey and rum.


  • Her Highness enjoys all things Viking, as that is her persona, as well as 12th-14th century.
  • Her colors are purple, black, and white.
  • Her Highness enjoys blues and reds.
  • Her Highness loves horses.
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