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Flash photography absolutely not occur in His presence.

Food - Prince Dietrich von Stroheim

  • Steak, and lots of it, ideally cooked medium-rare
  • Venison. Mmmm!
  • Beef. Pork. Chicken. Turkey. See the pattern developing here?
  • Tacos!
  • Fish. Fish tacos! Halibut, salmon, flounder, trout, etc.
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • His Highness has no known allergies
  • His Highness believes some spicyness in food is good, an intestinal bonfire, not so much


  • His Highness drinks tea, no coffee. Preferred teas include flavored green or white tea, chai, and many others.
  • Non-alcoholic favorites include His legendary and memetic Coconut Water (while fighting) and water (cold)
  • His Highness does not drink a lot of alcohol, but when he does, he enjoys well-aged scotch, cocktails, MEAD, good strong German beers, and for that matter, most beers other than IPAs.


  • Black, red and silver are his favorite colors
  • Persona is primarily 14th century German, but this Reign we are doing a fun and exciting Middle Eastern theme, primarily Ottoman and Persian!

Food - Princess Una Olfuss

  • Rare steak, chicken, fish
  • veggies
  • most deserts except fruit ones.
  • Her Highness has no known FOOD allergies.
  • Spicy food beyond mild


  • Her Highness drinks Water, Sweet tea, coffee with milk and sugar.
  • Her Highness likes Pickle Juice esp. in the morning or after fighting
  • Her Highness also likes: Beers with salt, Mead, Sweet fruit wines, White or sweet white wines, Vodka or Rum drinks, Sweet drinks.. and Tequila chased with Pickle juice
  • ALLERGIC to all Whiskeys, Bourbons and Scotch and Dark wines (Reds, etc) may cause Migraines


  • Her Highness's Persona is Rus Viking but they will be doing 1500's Ottoman Turkish this reign.
  • She love cats and has two, so cat toys always welcome.
  • Her colors are red/black and red/yellow
  • Her Highness also loves chocolate and especially chocolate covered espresso beans.
  • Finally, she loves giving Largess to others in and out of Kingdoms, so please consider donating to their Highness's Largess stockpile. So she may gift far and wide the treasures of Atlantia.
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